Grin Teks

Grin-Teks company is a team of progressive professionals who work in the field of manufacturing work clothing for more than 5 years. Grin-Teks company is a reliable partner that helps its customers to implement the most bold technological and design solutions.


  • more than 200 people work in the company;
  • our managers speak English, German, Polish, Russian;
  • a short distance to Europe significantly decreases transportation costs;
  • perfect location helps you to make your orders in short time frame;
  • we have all the necessary technical and technological base for making work clothing in accordance with the world standards.?

We will be glad to see you among our clients!
Our address: 79018, Ukraine, Lviv,
Tobilevycha str., 8

Production manager Natalia Hyzha
tel.: +38 067 353 42 47, +38 099 292 85 75

Managers tel.:
+38 099 357 33 16 (Volodymyr, Germany)
+38 099 239 38 63 (Oleh, English)


Sewing work clothing

Modelling from a drawing of any type of product

Budgeting, technological documentation